Hire A Driver For A Safe Mumbai-Pune Trip


Every day, Mumbai-Pune expressway witnesses a large number of drivers driving recklessly. You are a reckless driver if you have no regard for the safety of yourself or others.

There could be many reasons for reckless driving. Lack of patience, an emergency situation, feeling drowsy and fatigue makes a person overlook safe driving rules.

There are 6 lanes on this Mumbai-Pune expressway. The lanes are each divided into 3. There are 3 lanes for your side and 3 lanes for the other side. The lane near the divider is for overtaking. The middle lane is for light vehicles. The third lane is for heavy vehicles. However, it is noticed that majority of motorists do not follow these rules.

With the increasing number of travelers, lane cutting offences are rising on the expressway. The expressway cannot handle speeds over 80 km per hour.

Reckless driving puts pedestrians too in danger. They cause both property damage and injuries to themselves or others.

Some examples of reckless driving are:

Any type of racing.

Ignoring traffic signs and signals.


Driving above the speed limit.

Running from a police vehicle.