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Every day, Mumbai-Pune expressway witnesses a large number of drivers driving recklessly. You are a reckless driver if you have no regard for the safety of yourself or others.

There could be many reasons for reckless driving. Lack of patience, an emergency situation, feeling drowsy and fatigue makes a person overlook safe driving rules.

There are 6 lanes on this Mumbai-Pune expressway. The lanes are each divided into 3. There are 3 lanes for your side and 3 lanes for the other side. The lane near the divider is for overtaking. The middle lane is for light vehicles. The third lane is for heavy vehicles. However, it is noticed that majority of motorists do not follow these rules.

With the increasing number of travelers, lane cutting offences are rising on the expressway. The expressway cannot handle speeds over 80 km per hour.

Reckless driving puts pedestrians too in danger. They cause both property damage and injuries to themselves or others.

Some examples of reckless driving are:

Any type of racing.

Ignoring traffic signs and signals.


Driving above the speed limit.

Running from a police vehicle.

Monsoon Season Is The Reason For Car Accidents

When the weekend arrives, at 99driver.in we have noticed the trend of people driving to the nearest hill station. After all, nature blossoms to its beautiful best during the rainy season. Drivers too enjoy going on long-distance drives during the rains.

But, the monsoon season is also the season of hazards. Most accidents on the road happen during these months. Especially, on the highways and ghats.

Whether it’s a night out in the town, or a long drive outstation, only an expert driver will ensure that your lives are in safe hands. If you don’t have a permanent driver, you need the check out driver on hire services from 99driver.in.

What’s more, you get to enjoy your journey too. A close friend could be a bad idea, because they will hate to miss out on the fun activities.

Hire An Expert Driver From www.99driver.in/

Only an expert driver can manage driving in the rain best. When it is raining heavily, drivers tend to get either fearful or aggressive. This increases the risks of accidents.

Scared drivers imagine dangers and drive too cautiously at low speeds. This type of drivers can cause traffic jams, and most importantly, increase the risk of a rear end accident.

Reckless drivers may drive in a hurry at full speed. They don’t care if the visibility is low or the roads are wet. Even 4×4 SUVs can spin out of control. The high speed will make the matter worse.

Reasons why driving in the monsoon season is dangerous

The Roads Become Slippery

The roads are the most slippery at the beginning of a rain. There could also be mud left on the road, after some repair works have been done. Also, wet road causes oils that it absorbed to rise to the surface making it greasy.

All these reasons make a vehicle more difficult to stay on a roadway. To stop suddenly in case of danger, can also put you in trouble, because braking distance increases on a slippery road.

Visibility Decreases During Rains

During rains, the water and wind lashes on to the windshield, reducing visibility.  Even the most working wipers will be of not much use. Windshield becomes dirty if a passing truck or bus splashes dirty water on the windscreen.

Hangover Can Get You Killed

A person having a hangover is more distracted and suffers from driving impairment. This could be due to lack of sleep which is why they are unable to control the vehicle expertly. Also, let’s face it, there’s no way to avoid a hangover after a night of heavy drinking.

Drunk Drivers Are Bad Drivers Too

However good a driver you or your friend may be, drunk driving can make you erratic. You lose your sense of responsibility. Your judgment becomes clouded and decision-making becomes erratic.

Driving when you or your friend is intoxicated is dangerous. Don’t be a danger to yourself and everyone else on the road.

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Season’s highest rainfall slows down Mumbai

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Mumbai Flood

The monsoon has covered the entire country, 17 days ahead of its normal onset date. At 99driver.in, we believe that while this is good news for the farmers, for cities like Mumbai it is bad news.

On 7/7/2018, Ajay Kumar, Scientist, India Meteorological Department had announced that heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected to occur in Konkan, Goa and Mumbai in the next five days.

Today, due to the torrential rain roads overflowing with water and traffic jams are seen all across Mumbai.

According to the weather bureau, Mumbai recorded these quantities of rain:

Heavy Rains Flood Mumbai Driver For Hire
Weather Forecast For Mumbai

As usual due to the heavy downpours already Mumbai residents are stuck in their homes. Movement of people and vehicles are limited due to water-logging leading to traffic jams. Vehicles on many roads were seen crawling because of the rain and low visibility, while potholes compounded the problem.

Urban transport infrastructure is the first to be hit during the rains. Several schools declared a holiday today and many office-goers have decided to stay at home.

The rapid increase of built-up area and the use of concrete to level the ground are few of the reasons why rain water is not quickly absorbed by the soil.

Here are some advices from 99driver.in:

5 things that you should not do while driving on a flooded road

  • Watch out for broken electric wires and cables.

You will be at the risk of electrocution.

  • Don’t follow large vehicles

Trucks and buses displace huge quantity of water. This water can enter the engine through the exhaust pipe and stall your car.

  • Take an alternate route

Drive on an alternate route if possible. Even if the distance is longer, it is better than the water logged roads.

  • Avoid applying the brake when you hit a pothole or speed breaker

The moment you lift you feet off the accelerator, water will enter the exhaust pipe. So, instead of braking, drive at a steady speed in the lower gears.

  • Check the brakes

Brakes can get wet, while driving through flood. Apply brakes a few times to make the brakes dry.

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