Mumbai Pune routes witness most number of accidents

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Driver For Hire – Mumbai Pune – (drivers for hire services) would like to caution its readers that driving safely must always be top-of-the-mind. A lot of Mumbaikars and Puneites travel to and fro every day.

During the weekends, the traffic increases as more and more people travel for personal reasons. The holiday travelers too increase. This is also when the danger of reckless drivers overtaking other vehicles happen the most. In a hurry to get ahead of others, such driving can prove to be fatal.

But, during the week driving speedily on the super express highway can be very tempting. would advice you not to. For your family’s well-being and your health including your financial health too do remember the speed limit on Mumbai-Pune expressway is 80 km/hr. It is always best to call for drivers on hire to help you reach your destination safely.

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is India’s first 6-lane concrete, high-speed, access controlled tolled expressway. So what is a toll plaza?

On a toll road you will always come across a toll plaza – a gated area where you slow down or stop to pay a toll to travel further.

Highways and roads are built with local, state or national government money. These monies are raised from taxes. A toll is a tax that is collected only from the users of the toll road. would like to enlighten you that tolls allow new roads to be built and maintained without raising taxes on the general public.

The various forms of Toll Collection Systems are

Conventional Toll Collection Systems: This includes manual and automatic collection with the use of touch screen monitors, computers, fast toll barriers, optical, LED displays etc.

Electronic Toll Collection: These include video motion detectors, Laser Scanners, optical separators etc.

Manned Toll Collection: This includes invoicing, payment management, equipment management, statistical and events reports.

Regular maintenance of the roads is a must to prevent accidents and also to increase safety on the highways, and for this purpose tolls are essential.

It is not a hidden truth that Mumbai and Pune see maximum number of road accident deaths in Maharashtra. It is always wise to call for drivers on hire to help you out.

A total of 533 people died in road accidents in Pune in 2016. In Mumbai, 44 more people were killed in the same year.

In India, according to 2017 statistics, around 1.46 lakh people have lost their lives in the 4.60 lakh road accidents that have been reported. Calling a driver on hire would be the ideal way to travel in your car.

Some of the reasons that cause car accidents are:

Mobile Phones:

Despite strict fines and police checks, drivers talk, text on their mobile phones. This device can be a distraction while driving.

Drinking and Driving:

Intoxicated drivers cause accidents because they lose control of the vehicles.


High speed driving can make the driver lose control over the vehicle. Injuries tend to be serious during such times.

Reckless Driving:

Rash driving puts everyone on the road in danger.  There is no excuse for causing harm to anybody.


Rains make road surfaces slippery.  The chances of vehicles slipping out of control or being rear-ended by other vehicles are more.

Other reasons for accidents are: 1) Not following traffic signals 2) Drowsy Driving 3) Improperly maintained vehicle 4) Vehicles not maintaining proper distance from each other 5) Drivers driving on the wrong side of the road

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At, we believe a journey to the airport is not just a commute. It is a trip that’s filled with deep emotions. Memories of the past evoke in everyone’s hearts, and a strong urge to not let your loved ones go weighs heavily on you.

In India, it is a ritual for family and friends to bid farewell at the airport. This is the way to express how much you value your loved ones and the sadness of being separated from them.

A trip to the airport brings the family closer together. Enjoy these life-changing moment, talking your heart out to your dear ones. Don’t miss the chance to give them your life advice and some of your success tips on the beginning of their journey to distant lands.

During this delicate time, why stress yourself from driving them to the airport? Especially if you are staying in Mumbai or Bengaluru. The traffic can distract you and give you a headache. The annoying rickshaw driver, the rash bike riders, the trucks spewing smoke on to your windows, the unsuspecting potholes, the wayward pedestrians, they all will occupy your mind space, if you venture to drive.

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