Heavy Rains In Mumbai means time for driver on hire

Heavy Rains Mumbai Andheri 99driver.in Driver For Hire
Heavy Rains Mumbai Andheri

http://www.99driver.in 99driver.in drivers on hire services would like to convey to its customers that heavy rains lashing over Mumbai since yesterday night has caused water-logging.

In fact, there has been a foot-over bridge collapse in Andheri, Western Railways in the early morning. Also a double-decker bus has met an accident while travelling from Mumbai’s Bandra to Mumbai University in Santacruz’s Kalina area.

Lots of office-goers are stranded at various points due to the slow moving traffic. This is the ideal time to seek the services of a driver on hire. At 99driver.in, we provide driver on call to offer you the convenience of travelling to your destination comfortably.

While travelling, here are some precautions to take: Keep your expensive items like phones, laptops, watches, or other documents covered, so that the rain and moisture does not cause problems to them. Take the assistance of expert drivers while travelling in your car. One of the best sources of drivers for hire is 99driver.in. With just one call 8692000099, an expert driver will arrive at your home or office.

Be it going to workplace, shopping or travelling to an important meeting, avoid driving on your own. Travel safely with 99driver.in.

Some important tips to take care of while driving:

Drive slowly: Wet roads can be slippery. Driving faster can mean you may lose control of your car.

Brake earlier and slower: Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicles ahead of you.

Avoid Potholes: When you see a puddle on the road, take a detour. This is because it is difficult to judge the depth of the puddle.

Check your headlights: During heavy rains, visibility can be drastically reduced. Check your headlights if they are working properly.

Watch out for pedestrians: An unfortunate pedestrian may suddenly come in front of your vehicle while crossing the road. A close eye on the road could save you a lot of hassles.

Avoid driving: Torrential rains can bring the city to a halt. If you can avoid travelling, enjoy your stay at home with chai and hot pakodas.

At 99driver.in, we believe driving must be an enjoyable experience. But, whenever you need a driver on hire, do remember to call us.