Enjoy the rains in Lonavala. Hire a driver from 99Driver.in

Breathtaking ghat roads, a cool, salubrious breeze, and the magnificent view of hills and valleys describe Lonavala best.

It is a popular town and a hill station close to Mumbai and Pune. The entire journey to Lonavala is a thrilling experience best enjoyed when you have a driver on hire. It is then that you will enjoy the scenic views, without bothering about the traffic.

Lonavala is a small town and a picturesque hill station in Pune but with countless natural spots to indulge in.



Three Exciting Destinations in Lonavala:


Pawna Dam

It is long drive from Mumbai as well as Pune through the town of Kamshet. The route to Pawna Dam is in a rough condition but the views are picturesque. You can enjoy boating, speedboating, water skiing and water jet rides.


Della Adventure Park Ticket and Activities near Kunegaon in Lonavala

Della Adventure in Kunegaon is India’s largest adventure park sprawling across an area of around 5 acres. It offers 70 activities and is a perfect place to enjoy your weekends.



Nature lovers, adventure junkies, campers, offbeat tourists and families come to Rajmachi because the nature surrounding the fort is simply amazing.

Mumbai Rains are a challenge to drivers. If your car breaks down you break down too.

Being surrounded by the sea, Mumbai tends to get flooded during heavy rains. Toady too Mumbai is heavily flooded. The best thing to do is to stay at home and enjoy a cup of tea with hot pakodas. But, if you must leave home for work, it is always better to take a route that’s not flooded.
Any attempt to drive on water-logged roads may stall your engine. Starting and restarting your car may cause irreparable damage to the engine. The best thing to do is to take an alternate route.
If no alternate route exists and you have no other reasonable alternative but to drive through standing water.
1. Here are some cautionary steps to take while driving through water-logged roads:
2. Check if the vehicles ahead of you are moving over potholes. Avoid those potholes.
3. Only driving slowly and steadily will reach you to your destination.
4. If you see a power line or electrical sparks coming out of transformers near the road, take another route.
5. Watch out for people crossing the road suddenly.
6. Test your brakes at low speed. Drive only if your brake pedals are dry.
7. If your car stops and is not restarting, immediately get out of the car and move to a dry area.
Do keep all emergency numbers handy. But here’s one number you need to keep topmost in mind: 8692000099.
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Want to be an Uber driver? Read a book.

In 2014, Harry Campbell’s life took a major turn. He was working as an aerospace engineer for Boeing. But, as a part-time driver in 2014 he started earning more.

This inspired him to help others earn like him. He helps potential rideshare drivers to sign up, trains them to earn more profit and be a five-star driver. No wonder, he is popular as the Rideshare guy.

His blog, podcast, and YouTube channel add to his fame. The Rideshare Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Driving for Uber, Lyft, and Other Ridesharing Companies is his recently published a guidebook for rideshare drivers. 

It is a self-help book for those who want to earn more than they do now.

The real driver of Tik Tik Tik is the special effects

You will be wowed by the spectacular special effects, theatrical sound orchestration of Tik Tik Tik. The screenplay and dialogues have a touch of local flavour. While it’s inspired by many Hollywood movies, you’ll still be proud that this is India’s first space movie.

Directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan, and starring Jayam Ravi, the poster shows the actor clinging on to dear life as he tackles an explosion in space.

The movie has explored the challenging space genre in a commercial set up to attract the masses. While there are no romance and the songs are basically montages; there’s plenty of drama to compensate for that.

The lead character played by Jayam Ravi is a magician and an escape artist named Vasu. When an asteroid strikes the town of Ennore – a neighbourhood in Chennai, the scientists soon predict one more collision with greater impact in the next seven days. With such a massive threat that could kill a huge number of people, Vasu is brought into the picture. Do watch the movie that will transport you into outer space.


NEET, JEE (A) cracked by driver’s sons in their first attempt

Hardwork pays. A long-haul truck driver Mangnaram Bishnoi, was overjoyed to see both his — Mahendra Kumar Bishnoi and Shyam Sunder Bishnoi — clear NEET and JEE-Advanced. The road to success is a tough one.
Both the sons sacrificed a lot and committed themselves fully to crack the exam. Most of their father’s salary went towards paying back multiple loans with which he funded the coaching of his sons in Kota. Now, their aim in life is to pay back their father’s loans.

Can Mumbai schools trust an unverified driver?

Mumbai witnessed a near-tragedy when a school bus in Palghar was seen driving with only 3 tyres. One rear wheel tyre was missing. On top of it the driver on hire was an unverified temporary one without a valid license. Clearly, the childrens’ lives were put in danger.

During rainy season, inexperienced drivers cause most accidents. Some of the dangers include: Slippery roads, potholes filled with water, unexpected behavior of drivers, poor vision during heavy rainfall and more.

In the Palghar incident, the bus could have overturned. A very casual and careless approach to driving can prove to be very costly. 99Driver.in is a website from where you can hire trained and verified drivers.