Season’s highest rainfall slows down Mumbai

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Mumbai Flood

The monsoon has covered the entire country, 17 days ahead of its normal onset date. At, we believe that while this is good news for the farmers, for cities like Mumbai it is bad news.

On 7/7/2018, Ajay Kumar, Scientist, India Meteorological Department had announced that heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected to occur in Konkan, Goa and Mumbai in the next five days.

Today, due to the torrential rain roads overflowing with water and traffic jams are seen all across Mumbai.

According to the weather bureau, Mumbai recorded these quantities of rain:

Heavy Rains Flood Mumbai Driver For Hire
Weather Forecast For Mumbai

As usual due to the heavy downpours already Mumbai residents are stuck in their homes. Movement of people and vehicles are limited due to water-logging leading to traffic jams. Vehicles on many roads were seen crawling because of the rain and low visibility, while potholes compounded the problem.

Urban transport infrastructure is the first to be hit during the rains. Several schools declared a holiday today and many office-goers have decided to stay at home.

The rapid increase of built-up area and the use of concrete to level the ground are few of the reasons why rain water is not quickly absorbed by the soil.

Here are some advices from

5 things that you should not do while driving on a flooded road

  • Watch out for broken electric wires and cables.

You will be at the risk of electrocution.

  • Don’t follow large vehicles

Trucks and buses displace huge quantity of water. This water can enter the engine through the exhaust pipe and stall your car.

  • Take an alternate route

Drive on an alternate route if possible. Even if the distance is longer, it is better than the water logged roads.

  • Avoid applying the brake when you hit a pothole or speed breaker

The moment you lift you feet off the accelerator, water will enter the exhaust pipe. So, instead of braking, drive at a steady speed in the lower gears.

  • Check the brakes

Brakes can get wet, while driving through flood. Apply brakes a few times to make the brakes dry.

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Plan your hiking in Lonavala

Lonavala Mumbai Pune Hiking
Enjoy hiking in Lonavala with your family and friends.

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Heavy Rains In Mumbai means time for driver on hire

Heavy Rains Mumbai Andheri Driver For Hire
Heavy Rains Mumbai Andheri drivers on hire services would like to convey to its customers that heavy rains lashing over Mumbai since yesterday night has caused water-logging.

In fact, there has been a foot-over bridge collapse in Andheri, Western Railways in the early morning. Also a double-decker bus has met an accident while travelling from Mumbai’s Bandra to Mumbai University in Santacruz’s Kalina area.

Lots of office-goers are stranded at various points due to the slow moving traffic. This is the ideal time to seek the services of a driver on hire. At, we provide driver on call to offer you the convenience of travelling to your destination comfortably.

While travelling, here are some precautions to take: Keep your expensive items like phones, laptops, watches, or other documents covered, so that the rain and moisture does not cause problems to them. Take the assistance of expert drivers while travelling in your car. One of the best sources of drivers for hire is With just one call 8692000099, an expert driver will arrive at your home or office.

Be it going to workplace, shopping or travelling to an important meeting, avoid driving on your own. Travel safely with

Some important tips to take care of while driving:

Drive slowly: Wet roads can be slippery. Driving faster can mean you may lose control of your car.

Brake earlier and slower: Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicles ahead of you.

Avoid Potholes: When you see a puddle on the road, take a detour. This is because it is difficult to judge the depth of the puddle.

Check your headlights: During heavy rains, visibility can be drastically reduced. Check your headlights if they are working properly.

Watch out for pedestrians: An unfortunate pedestrian may suddenly come in front of your vehicle while crossing the road. A close eye on the road could save you a lot of hassles.

Avoid driving: Torrential rains can bring the city to a halt. If you can avoid travelling, enjoy your stay at home with chai and hot pakodas.

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Fitness Certificate to drive in the Monsoon Season

At, we welcome the monsoon season with joy. But the torrential rain that fell, just a few days back, is a cause of concern. If you must drive during rainy season call: 8692000099. Our driver for hire will reach you within 30 minutes.

Driver For Hire -
Driver For Hire –

The good news is only cars in perfect condition has survived the fury. But unfit cars have suffered a breakdown.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate is compulsory. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, a valid certificate of fitness is a must. Unfit vehicles, deemed as unregistered; are not permitted to be driven at all.

A fitness certificate is an official document that certifies that the holder’s vehicle is fit to drive. insists that driving in public places without a vehicle fitness certificate is illegal.

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, a vehicle must have a fitness certificate issued by the manufacturer. Another fitness certificate issued by the state RTO authorities after the inspection of its condition, its pollution certificate, tax, insurance, and other formalities.

For how long is the Fitness Certificate valid?

1 – For Private Vehicles, it is valid for 15 years and after checks, thereafter for every 5 years.
2 – For Commercial vehicles, it is valid for 2 years and renewed every year.

During the monsoon season, some of the damages that happen to the cars include breakdowns, engine damage, hydrostatic lock of engine among others.

Damage to the engine is obvious when water floods the vehicles. So will the electronic circuits. Expert drivers for hire from discourages you from driving during heavy rains.

Precautions you must take

Stay away from driving your car during heavy rains or through flooded water. Travel only if is absolutely necessary.

1 – Always drive on the highest section of the road if it is safe to do so.
2 – Avoid closing the doors with central locking. Opening them in an event of any electrical short circuit is difficult. insists on keeping a heavy object like a hammer or stone in your car. Break the window panes with it, if the door get stuck due to short circuit.

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Driver On Hire Mumbai
Hire A Driver.jpg

On March 19, app-based aggregators went on a strike to protest their low earnings. On the other hand, because of the huge entry of drivers into the app-based business their earnings are getting squeezed. Office commuters were the most hurt.

At one time, rumors were that the drivers used to earn lakhs per month.  But, today, they don’t earn as much. No wonder, the commuters are being charged unfairly to boost their earnings. Many a times, you will find their rates to be unpredictable – same time, same location, and different prices every other day.

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Breathtaking ghat roads, a cool, salubrious breeze, and the magnificent view of hills and valleys describe Lonavala best.

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Lonavala is a small town and a picturesque hill station in Pune but with countless natural spots to indulge in.


Three Exciting Destinations in Lonavala:


Pawna Dam

It is long drive from Mumbai as well as Pune through the town of Kamshet. The route to Pawna Dam is in a rough condition but the views are picturesque. You can enjoy boating, speedboating, water skiing and water jet rides.


Della Adventure Park Ticket and Activities near Kunegaon in Lonavala

Della Adventure in Kunegaon is India’s largest adventure park sprawling across an area of around 5 acres. It offers 70 activities and is a perfect place to enjoy your weekends.



Nature lovers, adventure junkies, campers, offbeat tourists and families come to Rajmachi because the nature surrounding the fort is simply amazing.

Mumbai Rains are a challenge to drivers. If your car breaks down you break down too.

Being surrounded by the sea, Mumbai tends to get flooded during heavy rains. Toady too Mumbai is heavily flooded. The best thing to do is to stay at home and enjoy a cup of tea with hot pakodas. But, if you must leave home for work, it is always better to take a route that’s not flooded.
Any attempt to drive on water-logged roads may stall your engine. Starting and restarting your car may cause irreparable damage to the engine. The best thing to do is to take an alternate route.
If no alternate route exists and you have no other reasonable alternative but to drive through standing water.
1. Here are some cautionary steps to take while driving through water-logged roads:
2. Check if the vehicles ahead of you are moving over potholes. Avoid those potholes.
3. Only driving slowly and steadily will reach you to your destination.
4. If you see a power line or electrical sparks coming out of transformers near the road, take another route.
5. Watch out for people crossing the road suddenly.
6. Test your brakes at low speed. Drive only if your brake pedals are dry.
7. If your car stops and is not restarting, immediately get out of the car and move to a dry area.
Do keep all emergency numbers handy. But here’s one number you need to keep topmost in mind: 8692000099.
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You will be wowed by the spectacular special effects, theatrical sound orchestration of Tik Tik Tik. The screenplay and dialogues have a touch of local flavour. While it’s inspired by many Hollywood movies, you’ll still be proud that this is India’s first space movie.

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The lead character played by Jayam Ravi is a magician and an escape artist named Vasu. When an asteroid strikes the town of Ennore – a neighbourhood in Chennai, the scientists soon predict one more collision with greater impact in the next seven days. With such a massive threat that could kill a huge number of people, Vasu is brought into the picture. Do watch the movie that will transport you into outer space.