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Every day, Mumbai-Pune expressway witnesses a large number of drivers driving recklessly. You are a reckless driver if you have no regard for the safety of yourself or others.

There could be many reasons for reckless driving. Lack of patience, an emergency situation, feeling drowsy and fatigue makes a person overlook safe driving rules.

There are 6 lanes on this Mumbai-Pune expressway. The lanes are each divided into 3. There are 3 lanes for your side and 3 lanes for the other side. The lane near the divider is for overtaking. The middle lane is for light vehicles. The third lane is for heavy vehicles. However, it is noticed that majority of motorists do not follow these rules.

With the increasing number of travelers, lane cutting offences are rising on the expressway. The expressway cannot handle speeds over 80 km per hour.

Reckless driving puts pedestrians too in danger. They cause both property damage and injuries to themselves or others.

Some examples of reckless driving are:

Any type of racing.

Ignoring traffic signs and signals.


Driving above the speed limit.

Running from a police vehicle.

Monsoon Season Is The Reason For Car Accidents

When the weekend arrives, at 99driver.in we have noticed the trend of people driving to the nearest hill station. After all, nature blossoms to its beautiful best during the rainy season. Drivers too enjoy going on long-distance drives during the rains.

But, the monsoon season is also the season of hazards. Most accidents on the road happen during these months. Especially, on the highways and ghats.

Whether it’s a night out in the town, or a long drive outstation, only an expert driver will ensure that your lives are in safe hands. If you don’t have a permanent driver, you need the check out driver on hire services from 99driver.in.

What’s more, you get to enjoy your journey too. A close friend could be a bad idea, because they will hate to miss out on the fun activities.

Hire An Expert Driver From www.99driver.in/

Only an expert driver can manage driving in the rain best. When it is raining heavily, drivers tend to get either fearful or aggressive. This increases the risks of accidents.

Scared drivers imagine dangers and drive too cautiously at low speeds. This type of drivers can cause traffic jams, and most importantly, increase the risk of a rear end accident.

Reckless drivers may drive in a hurry at full speed. They don’t care if the visibility is low or the roads are wet. Even 4×4 SUVs can spin out of control. The high speed will make the matter worse.

Reasons why driving in the monsoon season is dangerous

The Roads Become Slippery

The roads are the most slippery at the beginning of a rain. There could also be mud left on the road, after some repair works have been done. Also, wet road causes oils that it absorbed to rise to the surface making it greasy.

All these reasons make a vehicle more difficult to stay on a roadway. To stop suddenly in case of danger, can also put you in trouble, because braking distance increases on a slippery road.

Visibility Decreases During Rains

During rains, the water and wind lashes on to the windshield, reducing visibility.  Even the most working wipers will be of not much use. Windshield becomes dirty if a passing truck or bus splashes dirty water on the windscreen.

Hangover Can Get You Killed

A person having a hangover is more distracted and suffers from driving impairment. This could be due to lack of sleep which is why they are unable to control the vehicle expertly. Also, let’s face it, there’s no way to avoid a hangover after a night of heavy drinking.

Drunk Drivers Are Bad Drivers Too

However good a driver you or your friend may be, drunk driving can make you erratic. You lose your sense of responsibility. Your judgment becomes clouded and decision-making becomes erratic.

Driving when you or your friend is intoxicated is dangerous. Don’t be a danger to yourself and everyone else on the road.

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Season’s highest rainfall slows down Mumbai

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Mumbai Flood

The monsoon has covered the entire country, 17 days ahead of its normal onset date. At 99driver.in, we believe that while this is good news for the farmers, for cities like Mumbai it is bad news.

On 7/7/2018, Ajay Kumar, Scientist, India Meteorological Department had announced that heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected to occur in Konkan, Goa and Mumbai in the next five days.

Today, due to the torrential rain roads overflowing with water and traffic jams are seen all across Mumbai.

According to the weather bureau, Mumbai recorded these quantities of rain:

Heavy Rains Flood Mumbai Driver For Hire
Weather Forecast For Mumbai

As usual due to the heavy downpours already Mumbai residents are stuck in their homes. Movement of people and vehicles are limited due to water-logging leading to traffic jams. Vehicles on many roads were seen crawling because of the rain and low visibility, while potholes compounded the problem.

Urban transport infrastructure is the first to be hit during the rains. Several schools declared a holiday today and many office-goers have decided to stay at home.

The rapid increase of built-up area and the use of concrete to level the ground are few of the reasons why rain water is not quickly absorbed by the soil.

Here are some advices from 99driver.in:

5 things that you should not do while driving on a flooded road

  • Watch out for broken electric wires and cables.

You will be at the risk of electrocution.

  • Don’t follow large vehicles

Trucks and buses displace huge quantity of water. This water can enter the engine through the exhaust pipe and stall your car.

  • Take an alternate route

Drive on an alternate route if possible. Even if the distance is longer, it is better than the water logged roads.

  • Avoid applying the brake when you hit a pothole or speed breaker

The moment you lift you feet off the accelerator, water will enter the exhaust pipe. So, instead of braking, drive at a steady speed in the lower gears.

  • Check the brakes

Brakes can get wet, while driving through flood. Apply brakes a few times to make the brakes dry.

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Plan your hiking in Lonavala

Lonavala Mumbai Pune Hiking
Enjoy hiking in Lonavala with your family and friends.

Before you go hiking, make sure your trip to Lonavala is pleasant. Don’t reach your destination tired. Book a driver for hire.

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Mumbai Pune routes witness most number of accidents

Drivers For Hire
Driver For Hire – Mumbai Pune – 99driver.in

99driver.in (drivers for hire services) would like to caution its readers that driving safely must always be top-of-the-mind. A lot of Mumbaikars and Puneites travel to and fro every day.

During the weekends, the traffic increases as more and more people travel for personal reasons. The holiday travelers too increase. This is also when the danger of reckless drivers overtaking other vehicles happen the most. In a hurry to get ahead of others, such driving can prove to be fatal.

But, during the week driving speedily on the super express highway can be very tempting. 99driver.in would advice you not to. For your family’s well-being and your health including your financial health too do remember the speed limit on Mumbai-Pune expressway is 80 km/hr. It is always best to call 99driver.in for drivers on hire to help you reach your destination safely.

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is India’s first 6-lane concrete, high-speed, access controlled tolled expressway. So what is a toll plaza?

On a toll road you will always come across a toll plaza – a gated area where you slow down or stop to pay a toll to travel further.

Highways and roads are built with local, state or national government money. These monies are raised from taxes. A toll is a tax that is collected only from the users of the toll road.

https://www.99driver.in/ would like to enlighten you that tolls allow new roads to be built and maintained without raising taxes on the general public.

The various forms of Toll Collection Systems are

Conventional Toll Collection Systems: This includes manual and automatic collection with the use of touch screen monitors, computers, fast toll barriers, optical, LED displays etc.

Electronic Toll Collection: These include video motion detectors, Laser Scanners, optical separators etc.

Manned Toll Collection: This includes invoicing, payment management, equipment management, statistical and events reports.

Regular maintenance of the roads is a must to prevent accidents and also to increase safety on the highways, and for this purpose tolls are essential.

It is not a hidden truth that Mumbai and Pune see maximum number of road accident deaths in Maharashtra. It is always wise to call 99driver.in for drivers on hire to help you out.

A total of 533 people died in road accidents in Pune in 2016. In Mumbai, 44 more people were killed in the same year.

In India, according to 2017 statistics, around 1.46 lakh people have lost their lives in the 4.60 lakh road accidents that have been reported. Calling a driver on hire would be the ideal way to travel in your car.

Some of the reasons that cause car accidents are:

Mobile Phones:

Despite strict fines and police checks, drivers talk, text on their mobile phones. This device can be a distraction while driving.

Drinking and Driving:

Intoxicated drivers cause accidents because they lose control of the vehicles.


High speed driving can make the driver lose control over the vehicle. Injuries tend to be serious during such times.

Reckless Driving:

Rash driving puts everyone on the road in danger.  There is no excuse for causing harm to anybody.


Rains make road surfaces slippery.  The chances of vehicles slipping out of control or being rear-ended by other vehicles are more.

Other reasons for accidents are: 1) Not following traffic signals 2) Drowsy Driving 3) Improperly maintained vehicle 4) Vehicles not maintaining proper distance from each other 5) Drivers driving on the wrong side of the road

Drivers on hire for your airport trips

Travel to the airport in comfort

99driver.in drivers on hire airport
99driver.in drivers on hire to airport

At 99driver.in, we believe a journey to the airport is not just a commute. It is a trip that’s filled with deep emotions. Memories of the past evoke in everyone’s hearts, and a strong urge to not let your loved ones go weighs heavily on you.

In India, it is a ritual for family and friends to bid farewell at the airport. This is the way to express how much you value your loved ones and the sadness of being separated from them.

A trip to the airport brings the family closer together. Enjoy these life-changing moment, talking your heart out to your dear ones. Don’t miss the chance to give them your life advice and some of your success tips on the beginning of their journey to distant lands.

During this delicate time, why stress yourself from driving them to the airport? Especially if you are staying in Mumbai or Bengaluru. The traffic can distract you and give you a headache. The annoying rickshaw driver, the rash bike riders, the trucks spewing smoke on to your windows, the unsuspecting potholes, the wayward pedestrians, they all will occupy your mind space, if you venture to drive.

Time to call 99driver.in.

99Driver is one of India’s leading drivers on hire services available on hourly, weekly and monthly basis. We have a nation-wide network in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Goa, Hyderabad and Pune. 99Driver will soon be a pan-India personal driver service provider by creating a base in all major cities.

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At the airport, no matter how many times you hug them, wave your goodbyes, you would want still want to hold on to them. Tears will trickle down your cheeks. These moments are precious. You wouldn’t want to dilute every second of it, by being stressed out driving in the city’s traffic.

Nowadays, the rains are unpredictable. Which is why, it makes sense to call us a couple of days earlier and book your driver. Our drivers on hire will meet you with a smile that provides an air of comfort.

We make travelling comfortable to hundreds of travelers who travel to and from the airport. Customers can call us on 8692000099. Their designated driver will arrive at their doorstep. Throughout the journey they will be the invisible part. Just so that you can spend precious time chatting with your loved ones who are travelling.

Once you hire a driver from 99driver.in, you will always want to make that call again. Our drivers on hire are available for you to drive you to railways stations and bus stations too.

Welcome onboard https://www.99driver.in/

Heavy Rains In Mumbai means time for driver on hire

Heavy Rains Mumbai Andheri 99driver.in Driver For Hire
Heavy Rains Mumbai Andheri

http://www.99driver.in 99driver.in drivers on hire services would like to convey to its customers that heavy rains lashing over Mumbai since yesterday night has caused water-logging.

In fact, there has been a foot-over bridge collapse in Andheri, Western Railways in the early morning. Also a double-decker bus has met an accident while travelling from Mumbai’s Bandra to Mumbai University in Santacruz’s Kalina area.

Lots of office-goers are stranded at various points due to the slow moving traffic. This is the ideal time to seek the services of a driver on hire. At 99driver.in, we provide driver on call to offer you the convenience of travelling to your destination comfortably.

While travelling, here are some precautions to take: Keep your expensive items like phones, laptops, watches, or other documents covered, so that the rain and moisture does not cause problems to them. Take the assistance of expert drivers while travelling in your car. One of the best sources of drivers for hire is 99driver.in. With just one call 8692000099, an expert driver will arrive at your home or office.

Be it going to workplace, shopping or travelling to an important meeting, avoid driving on your own. Travel safely with 99driver.in.

Some important tips to take care of while driving:

Drive slowly: Wet roads can be slippery. Driving faster can mean you may lose control of your car.

Brake earlier and slower: Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicles ahead of you.

Avoid Potholes: When you see a puddle on the road, take a detour. This is because it is difficult to judge the depth of the puddle.

Check your headlights: During heavy rains, visibility can be drastically reduced. Check your headlights if they are working properly.

Watch out for pedestrians: An unfortunate pedestrian may suddenly come in front of your vehicle while crossing the road. A close eye on the road could save you a lot of hassles.

Avoid driving: Torrential rains can bring the city to a halt. If you can avoid travelling, enjoy your stay at home with chai and hot pakodas.

At 99driver.in, we believe driving must be an enjoyable experience. But, whenever you need a driver on hire, do remember to call us.

Fitness Certificate to drive in the Monsoon Season

At 99Driver.in, we welcome the monsoon season with joy. But the torrential rain that fell, just a few days back, is a cause of concern. If you must drive during rainy season call: 8692000099. Our driver for hire will reach you within 30 minutes.

Driver For Hire - 99Driver.in
Driver For Hire – 99Driver.in

The good news is only cars in perfect condition has survived the fury. But unfit cars have suffered a breakdown.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate is compulsory. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, a valid certificate of fitness is a must. Unfit vehicles, deemed as unregistered; are not permitted to be driven at all.

A fitness certificate is an official document that certifies that the holder’s vehicle is fit to drive. 99Driver.in insists that driving in public places without a vehicle fitness certificate is illegal.

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, a vehicle must have a fitness certificate issued by the manufacturer. Another fitness certificate issued by the state RTO authorities after the inspection of its condition, its pollution certificate, tax, insurance, and other formalities.

For how long is the Fitness Certificate valid?

1 – For Private Vehicles, it is valid for 15 years and after checks, thereafter for every 5 years.
2 – For Commercial vehicles, it is valid for 2 years and renewed every year.

During the monsoon season, some of the damages that happen to the cars include breakdowns, engine damage, hydrostatic lock of engine among others.

Damage to the engine is obvious when water floods the vehicles. So will the electronic circuits. Expert drivers for hire from 99driver.in discourages you from driving during heavy rains.

Precautions you must take

Stay away from driving your car during heavy rains or through flooded water. Travel only if is absolutely necessary.

1 – Always drive on the highest section of the road if it is safe to do so.
2 – Avoid closing the doors with central locking. Opening them in an event of any electrical short circuit is difficult.

99Driver.in insists on keeping a heavy object like a hammer or stone in your car. Break the window panes with it, if the door get stuck due to short circuit.

Ideally, you must hire a driver to take you around. Hire a driver from 99Driver.in. Call: 8692000099.

PMSBY accident cover for vehicle owners and drivers

99Driver.in believes one of Modi’s greatest schemes top yojanas for India is the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY). 99Driver.in is a driver for hire service offering assistance in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR, Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared that beneficiaries under various social security schemes stood at about 5 crore in 2014, which has now increased to 50 crore.

Till date, more than 13.55 crore beneficiaries have been benefitted from accident insurance worth ₹2 lakh at just ₹12 every year under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY).

99Driver.in believes that this low-cost personal accident cover will increase the insurance penetration level in the country. It is an accident insurance scheme that offers a one-year accidental death and disability cover. This can be renewed annually.

Deaths caused by an accident are covered by PMSBY and it must be confirmed by documentary evidence. When an unfortunate incident occurs on the road, rail or a vehicle related accident, or drowning or death involving any crime, then the circumstances must be promptly reported to police and a record must be made.

The cover is for a 1-year period, starting June 1 to May 31 of subsequent year. The option to join/pay by auto debit has to be given by May 31 of every year.

To avoid accidents, do remember to hire your driver from 99Driver.in #1 professional driver 24x7x365 days on our toll-free number: 8692000099 and our cost-saving driver will reach your doorstep in the next 30 minutes.

Our expert drivers are well-versed with the local language and will be your trusted friend throughout the journey. What’s more, we offer transparent billing with no hidden charges.

Also, corporates big and small can experience efficiency because of our smart recruitment and assignment of drivers on monthly or hourly basis.

Make the most of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s PMSBY social security scheme. It is in the best interest of you and your family.

Freedom from the high charges of cab aggregators. Hire a driver from 99driver.in

Free yourself from unpredictable situations that cab aggregators may cause. Own a car and hire a driver from 99Driver.in. Or if you own a car you need to just call: 8692000099.

But, if you thought hiring a cab everyday to work is peaceful, you are wrong. There are many concerns that could stress you out.

Driver On Hire Mumbai
Hire A Driver.jpg

On March 19, app-based aggregators went on a strike to protest their low earnings. On the other hand, because of the huge entry of drivers into the app-based business their earnings are getting squeezed. Office commuters were the most hurt.

At one time, rumors were that the drivers used to earn lakhs per month.  But, today, they don’t earn as much. No wonder, the commuters are being charged unfairly to boost their earnings. Many a times, you will find their rates to be unpredictable – same time, same location, and different prices every other day.

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We have a nation-wide network in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Goa, Hyderabad and Pune. Very soon, 99Driver will be a pan-India personal driver service provider by creating a base in all major cities.

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Our expert drivers are well-versed with the local language and will be your trusted friend throughout the journey. What’s more, we offer transparent billing with no hidden charges.

Also, corporates big and small can experience efficiency because of our smart recruitment and assignment of drivers.

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